Preparation II

In exactly 24 hours I will be on an airplane taking off out of Boston Logan Airport heading to Spain.  Even though I’m only 24 hours away, I JUST NOW finished packing.  Something that was really important to me while packing was packing light, but my family insisted that I use two suitcases-one checked and one to carry aboard with me just in case anything happened to my checked bag. So I am taking two suitcases with me. I left plenty of room in my bags for all of the wonderful Spanish gifts I will be bringing home with me! 🙂

To begin packing, I laid out everything I was taking on my bed and I wrote it all down just so that I know exactly what I have with me (for customs and for my own future knowledge). I know it looks like a lot, but it’s for 4 1/2 months with a big season change (temps in the 40s to temps in the 80s–so I have to be prepared).


I brought with me 5 cardigan sweaters because I always get cold, three blouses, 9 shirts, 4 tank tops, 2 jeans, 2 leggings, 3 dresses, 3 shorts, gifts for my host family, a bathing suit, 2 yoga pants, 2 night shirts, 1 fleece sweatshirt, 4 undershirts, underclothes, toiletries/makeup, 2 pairs of shoes, a journal, an MTEL prep book, a camera, ipad, phone, and of course my passport!

I wanted to make sure that I had leftover space in my suitcases, like I said before, to bring things back with me such as presents for family or anything I buy over there (for example, I will be buying sandals there). I packed my carry-on bag with enough things (clothes, pajamas, under clothes) for my first 4 days there because I will be at orientation in Madrid. Instead of digging through my whole suitcase, I will have 4 days worth of what I need in my carry on bag.


This is how my carry-on bag looks. I also packed all my shoes (and my slippers) as well as all my under clothes and my raincoat in this bag to fill empty space. I packed a small day purse in here, too.

In my checked bag, I packed everything else including my gifts for my host family (Burt’s Bees lotions because they’re made in Maine, Handmade soaps from Cape Cod, and chocolate covered cranberries because cranberries are grown near where I go to school!) I kept a lot of extra room- about half a suitcase.


Finally, my journal, MTEL book, electronics, and chargers (along with my purse and walet) are tucked into my backpack.



I’m finally ready to head to the airport tomorrow! My dad will be picking me up around 10 and we will arrive at Logan around 11. I am giving myself extra time because I have no idea how to navigate an airport. The next time I write I will be in Logan or JFK, and then in Madrid! I will arrive in Madrid at 8:30 their time (2:30 AM in America). Check in with my immediate family or this blog for updates on my arrivals! ¡Saludos!



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