36,000 Feet

Although my flight from Boston to New York took only moments, I know that the journey that lies ahead of me will really feel even quicker. I’ve been in the air for over an hour and we have about 5 hours remaining. I realize now that, in the scheme of things (considering I’m flying across the OCEAN), five hours isn’t that long. I’m almost disappointed that the flight isn’t longer than it is. I could use this time for valuable sleep. When I arrive in Madrid, it will be 2:30am in America, meaning my body clock will feel like it’s the middle of the night. However, it will be 8am in Madrid which means I have a full day ahead of me to stay awake!

How lucky
On both legs of my flight across the world, I ended up with the middle seat wide open (I’ve sat against the window). It’s been nice to have that extra space. It will continue to be nice if I can ever fall asleep. I’ve sat next to two really nice gentlemen on each leg as well. They were both older and offered advice and helped me lift my suitcase above my head into the overhead compartment. For being afraid of flying, I sure got pretty lucky and that calmed me down a bit.

Being Brave
Although it has taken basically all of my courage to get onto these planes, I think my family has demonstrated even more courage. I genuinely put myself in my mom’s shoes just a moment ago and I can’t even fathom letting my young daughter go travel the world alone. As scary as it is for me, it must be much scarier for my parents. Mom, Dad, Jay–Thank you for your constant support. I know how much you had to be brave and let go and I appreciate you giving me this independence. I promise to make you proud and to come back a more worldly citizen.

I feel like I’m in a weird purgatory between exhaustion and excitement. I’m so wiped out and am dying to get some shut-eye but I’m the most excited I’ve ever been so HOW COULD I POSSIBLY SLEEP RIGHT NOW?! Although my heart is racing with anticipation, I know that I should probably take a nap and get some shut-eye. After my quick nap, I will be starting a brand new day in Madrid, Spain.




  1. If one advances confidently in the direction of [her] dreams, and endeavors to live the life which [she] has imagined, [she] will meet with success unexpected in common hours.
    – Henry David Thoreau

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