English “Dichos” Apply Here

Considering I slept less than 2 hours last night and less than 5 the night before, I think it’s fair to use the word exhaustion when describing my present state. I’m so tired that I’m shaking and neither food nor water seem to cure it. As badly as I want to sleep, I know that staying up is the smarter choice because I need to get myself adjusted to this time change as quickly as I possibly can.

I will say that even though I didn’t sleep, last night was pretty cool. I definitely did not expect to be fed as much as I did. We got a dinner and a breakfast on the plane. Although people make fun of airline food, I thought my pesto tortelini was    pretty delicious.

 A Child in a Candy Shop
Basically, I feel like a child in a candy shop today. It’s honestly a little bit scary how much freedom we have here. As soon as API checked us into the hotel, we were free to explore Madrid. We walked out of the automated doors of the Hotel Regina and got lost in the magic of Madrid. My roommate and I ran across streets (after waiting for the light to allow it), photographed everything in sight, and listened to the sounds of the Spanish city. Everywhere I turned there were statues, fountains, sculptures. We explored a GIANT park on the easter part of Madrid called El Parque del Buen Retiro. In it, there is a giant manmade pond for canoeing, large bird baths and lakes, places to eat, places to perform (outdoor stages and seats), we even visited an art gallery with artwork from the 1970s-80s.  I honestly felt like I could do anything today. It was so stunningly beautiful.

A Deer in Headlights
My feeling of invincibility immediately left when my roommate, Emily, and I tried to go to a restaurant for lunch. I feel angry when I realize that all of the Spanish I’ve learned really isn’t applicable in real life. We both struggled to order from the menu, request change (which for you spanish speakers out there–you can laugh at me for not knowing that it’s the same as any other form of the word change [to change sides, a change in weather]). I used to tell people that I could “get by” with the amount of Spanish I know but right now that doesn’t feel true. Maybe I can blame it on the exhaustion, or maybe I just am not used to constant Spanish yet, but I am definitely not telling people that I speak Spanish anymore because right now, I’m barely getting by. But on the bright side, that means I really only can get better from here.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together
I guess it’s true, travelers stay with travelers. I’ve enjoyed spending time with my new roommate, my friends from the plane/airport, and meeting other new people along the way. AND TODAY HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN! (except not for me because today started like 3 days ago for me if we’re going by sleep)..We have an API orientation meeting and then are going back out into the city to tour the Puerta del Sol. I can’t wait for more adventures to come.

Photos will be posted eventually, but right now I have no way to get them from my camera to the ipad so check back on these posts in a week or so!

xo ¡Besos y Abrazos!


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  1. I know exactly how you’re feeling right now! Enjoy it and try to keep it as long as possible.
    When you travel you experience, in a very practical way, the act of rebirth. – Paulo Coelho

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