Here, life doesn’t revolve around the sun

Obviously science doesn’t change just because I’ve moved countries, but I swear that life doesn’t revolve around the sun here.

Although the weather has been really nice since being here (and I mean really nice, like 40-60 degrees..much warmer than at home. Sorry everyone), even on the days when it’s really chilly or raining, it doesn’t reallly stop people from going out and walking around the city, doing what they have to do outside. Today it’s raining and even though I feel like I live in a part of the city that isn’t nearly as popular as the center of Granada, there are still many people out walking around already (it’s 9:30 and people don’t really get the ball rolling here until around 10. I know what you’re thinking–why doesn’t everyone just move to Spain? it sounds perfect!).

I personally feel like in America, a lot of (at least my family’s) holidays revolve around food. You tell guests to arrive 2-3 hours before the main meal, you all gather to have  hors durves (I can’t spell that and spell check has no idea what I’m trying to say, but you all get it), then you all share a meal, chat while having coffee, and then those of you who can squeeze in dessert.  Well I feel like–at least for now (maybe it’s because I’ve only passed a few days here so far) every day revolves around food. Our host mom leaves us a really cute breakfast (see below) We have to make sure our afternoon matches up with lunch at 2ish. Dinnner is either at home or out at a tapas bar. I suppose it’s not really that different from home, because I usually eat 3 meals there too, I just feel like at home if I have to skip lunch because I’m too busy- it’s totally fine. But if I were to skip a meal here, it would feel impossible and almost like I’m breaking some kind of rule.

I enjoy what I’ve been eating, though- I hope you don’t misunderstand me..

Breakfast is always a nice, small start to the morning. I usually have a small roll with some jam or honey on it, some water, and cafe con leche (coffee and milk). It’s nothing that makes you incredibly full, but it holds you over until lunch- the biggest meal of the day. Emily, my roommate, and I went out to breakfast at our host mom’s restaraunt a few days ago and she said that it is common for people to have toast with tomato and olive oil on it when they go out for breakfast so that’s what we decided on-and of course cafe con leche. It may not seem like much, but it was definitely enough to hold me over and only cost 2.20 Euro (around 3 US dollars- which I think is a good deal for fresh tomato and the most amazing olive oil on the planet).

My Breakfast Each Morning

My Breakfast Each Morning

Lunch is definitely the biggest, most important and filling meal of the day. I am usually pretty hungry by this time because lunch is served between 2 and 3. We’ve had things like Spanish tortilla (baked egg, onion and potato), lentil soup, or salads with a bunch of fruiit and veggies. She usually tries to put egg in at least one meal a day so that Emily and I (both vegetarians) get our protein. These meals I can’t photograph because I feel funny whipping out my ipad during the most important meal of the day.  But! I have attached a photo below of what tortilla looks like!

Spanish Tortilla- egg, potato, and onion. Sometimes made with spinach and tomato. We usually have a slice with a salad or soup.

Spanish Tortilla- egg, potato, and onion. Sometimes made with spinach and tomato. We usually have a slice with a salad or soup.

Dinner is smaller than lunch, usually consisting of a small sandwich and some soup, or a salad and soup. The salads always have fruit and veggies (recently tried a dried date–it was pretty good!) and the soups have a light broth with a veggie or two mixed in.

Tapas are small (or sometimes rather large) plates that are usually given free with a drink when you go out at night. Last night Emily and I knew that we would be going out for drinks and tapas so we told our mom that we wouldn’t be around for dinner (dinner plus tapas is wayyy too mucch food unless you plan to go out at 2-3AM because then your dinner was 6 hours ago, but we’re not that crazy). Last night we enjoyed veggie tortelini, vegetable crepes, and eggplant with roasted honey. We shared these three plates because we really wanted to try multiple things.

berenjena con miel - eggplant with honey

berenjena con miel – eggplant with honey

Here, people don’t mind the weather, they enjoy their food (and their siestas), and they know that life is now. Obviously I’m generalizing based on the Spaniards I’ve encountered. But as far as I’m concerned, the way of life here makes way more sense to me.


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  1. That way of life makes a whole lot of sense to me too. When I stayed with friends in Germany, the evening meals would typically last at least 2 hours… the conversation was always as important as the food.

    Wonderful photos. The berenjena con miel looks amazing.

    “People say that what we are all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think this is what we’re really seeking. I think what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive.” –Joseph Conrad

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