I don’t get it

Maybe this is a stupid thing to write about but every time I get into a line for something, a Spaniard cuts me.

The first time it happend, I was buying post cards so I stepped directly behind the person in front of me and some other lady stood to the right of them and when it was my turn just swooped in and cut me. So I figured this may be a cultural thing and maybe lines form parallel to the counter instead of perpendicular. So the next time I was in line for stamps, I stood to the side of the person AND CLEARLY HAD THINGS IN MY HAND TO PURCHASE and a Spaniard stood behind the person in front of me (perpendicular to the counter like I had been the first time) and cut me. The third time was in the tapas bar when basically every single person was served but me and thats when I pretty muuuch started waving my arms to get the bartenders attention.

Obviously next time I will be saying something but like–is there something I’m missing here? I don’t get it. HOW DO “NO CUTS NO BUTS NO COCONUTS” RULES WORK IN OTHER COUNTRIES?!



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