What did you do with YOUR Friday?

…because I climbed to the top of the world.

Yesterday the odds were stacked against me and my roommate. We checked four or five different weather reports that told us it would rain all day long- on the day we planned our giant adventure. But the weather gods must have known what we had in store because the sun shined on us all day long and the weather was in the 50s. Even at the top of the world.

Getting There
Yesterday was the first time I took public transportation in Granada. It’s a lot more complicated (to me, at least) than the transportation systems at home, but maybe I was just flustered. We had to look up what bus number to take and from what stop it would pick us up. We waited at two or three wrong bus stops until we asked someone where the correct one was (luckily, we hadn’t missed it yet!). We made our way to the stop, almost got on the wrong bus, and then ended up on the right one. We paid for our tickets on the bus (1.50 Euro for a 25 minute ride to the greatest place on earth was so worth it!)

Getting There Part 2
When the bus let us off, we had to walk alongside a river for awhile and then up a really really steep road until we saw the signs: Los Cahorros de Monachil. We walked down a long, long dirt road that switched from going uphill to downhill and back up again many times. From there, we hiked up a huge “path” and climbed a ton of rocks higher and higher until we came across another sign, prompting us to choose the “alto” (high) trail or the “bajo” (low) trail. We were here for an adventure, so obviously we chose the high trail.

Climbing to the Top of the Worlddd…and then to the bottom
We climbed up a bunch of rocks and paths that lead us higher and higher. My ears popped so many times and I felt the pressure in my head with each step I took. But I also felt the pressure in my heart- I wanted to make it to the top..to see the world from a giant mountaintop..to feel like I accomplished another one of my dreams. When we finally climbed the last part of the hill, the view was breathtaking. We climbed a mountain!



Emily and I felt so accomplished, but at that point, our day had just begun! We found a man-made path that lead from a little ways down the mountain to the giant valley below. Not only was it a path, but it had so many ancient stairs to climb down. Of course we were going down the the world below a new way! We came for an adventure!

We made our way down the path and down the stairs all the way down the mountain and we came to a suspension bridge. It wasn’t very high, or very long, but I still felt a little nervous crossing it. But I am so glad I did because it lead to more trails and places to hike, so emily and I spent the afternoon hiking and we even had a picnic that our mom packed for us! She made us a delicious fritatta with spinach and put it between two slices of delicious bread, an apple, and lots of water (we were sweating a lot!)



Eventually, our wandering took us to another suspension bridge which I, at first, refused to cross…


..you can see why. It was about 50 yards long and I don’t even know how high it was because I did NOT look down! I am so glad I decided to cross it because we found absolutes treasures that nature made across the other side. We eventually came to a narrow path that we wanted to follow where I think waterfalls fall during the warmer weather (we will be going back in March to investigate!). We weren’t sure how to cross it where the rocks jetted out, so we did the best we could!



This trail/path took us to a GIANT cave where we found so many beautiful little waterfalls, ponds, creatures, sounds, and smells. It was such an incredible thing to be right in the middle of nature and breathe in the purest, freshest air (we live in a city filled with smoke and exhaust fumes), listen to the water and the birds, and just appreciate what was around us. I’m so glad I decided to cross that bridge!



I am so glad I decided to spend my day exploring the small village outside of Granada called Monachil. I really realized yesterday that I am such a tiny spec in such a giant world, but that thhe world was made for exploring, and that I’ve only uncovered such a small fraction of what’s waiting for me!


Check back soon for more of my adventures in Spain!


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