As I’m sure some of you know (and I’m sure others don’t) Granada is Spanish for pomegranate. I loved finding this out before I left because I realized as soon as I arrived how much the city is passionate about its origins- right down to its name.

There are pomegranates everywhere in the city. Every sidewalk is lined with little posts that indicate where the sidewalk ends and the road begins. They’re in the shape of pomegranates. The fountains have pomegranates carved into the sides, the shops often feature images of the fruit in their signs or their windows, and even the street decorations look like pomegranates. It may take a creative eye to see it (and you may need to squint- or even pretend to see it), but the street light decorations below are actually (supposed to look like) pomegranates. These decorations are attached to every light post on Gran Via and illuminate the way all the way down the road to the beautiful statue of Queen Isabel and Christopher Columbus in the Plaza de Los Reyes Catolicos.


I love that the city has so much passion for its history and its name- so much so that they adorned the plazas, streets, sidewalks, and homes with the fruit for which it’s named. It makes me feel just as (if not more) passionate about it, too!


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