What Do I Do With It?

I feel so blessed to be able to be studying in Spain this semester. I am learning so much here every single moment and it makes me feel wonderful. Learning is one of my top five Strengths Quest strengths. Basically what that means is that learning, collecting and storing information, and absorbing facts about people, places, and things around me is one of my strengths. When I am learning, I feel my best. Every moment I am learning something new in Spain, whether it be a new vocabulary word, a new fact about the city, a new and interesting place that exists, I am learning constantly. So that should mean that I am feeling my best, right? Yes. But there is another emotion tying me up somehow- and I don’t know what it is, so I’ll try to describe it.

I am constantly learning. That’s the point of travel. To take with you so much information about culture, civilization, important monuments, people, artworks, everything. But I feel tied up–like I can’t truly basque in enjoyment of learning because, well…what do I do with it? Of course, this is all for me, so even if I just feel amazing after learning a TON here, that’s wonderful for me. But what greater good can I do with this information? How can I contribute to the community around me? To the community at home? How can I take all that I’ve learned and implement it to become a positive, changing action to improve the world?

I really am looking for an answer. I know many friends and family read my words when I post something new, so I’m looking for your help before it’s too late. What do I do with all of this brand new, learned information?



  1. Hi Jen, i am writing to you from a hotel in Virginia tonight. After I read your note it allows me to reflect on my life journey. When I was in high school I absorbed like a sponge. I asked teachers why I needed their courses as I couldn’t know how anything they taught would serve me. As I entered radio i saw how journalism played a part. Years later how math would help in ham radio and electronics. As I fast forward I couldnt anticipate that radio would springboard skills for public speaking and a job as an instructor. That is the beauty of collecting various life experiences, you wouldn’t know how it fits until it starts to unfold. So enjoy, absorb and appreciate your experiences and know that it will be put to good use, eventually. Reflecting on those who yet to travel to Spain or explaining to your classroom of students what you saw. Perhaps that enthusiam we just felt will yet inspire others on a path you couldnt yet predict. The puzzle is in process and it is called life. We only have one as we know it. You will get moments of clarity so keep an eye out for it.

  2. Journal or blog about all the new info…right it down and how u felt when you learned about it. We feel like we are there with you when we read these blogs. The information about the rosemary was very fascinating. We discussed that at dinner last night with my Hopedale friends as a lot of them read it!!!

  3. I agree with Jay, absorb all you can without trying to know how it will serve you. If you are focused on a “purpose” you might miss the unexpected paths life can take you on. Just live and learn (and share with us) for now.

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