“Wave” goodbye to another beautiful day

Today I packed up and went to the beach! That’s one of the lovely things about Granada- you’re only an hour away from the shore! I took an urban bus (bus number 10 to be exact) to the bus station in Granada and bought a ticked to Salobreña where there is a beautiful beach. My host mom packed me a picnic lunch so the only thing I paid for was the ticket which was 6 euro each way. At first, I thought it was a little silly to pay to go to the water just to spend time in the sun, but it was sooo worth it. Even if just to get some fresh air away from the city, it was worth it! Consider it this way…how much would you pay in gas to drive to the beach nearest you? How much would parking cost you? Probably more than 12 euro! I’ve gone to beaches on Cape Cod that cost 10 dollars per car just to park. Plus I had to pay for gas and lunch! So after considering it this way, I was on board and decided that the beach was just what I needed (and wanted) today!

Once I found the shore from the bus stop, I was instantly relaxed and felt genuinely happy and excited! It’s March 9th and I’m at the beach. In Spain. And it’s warm out. And I’m in Spain!

I was so surprised when I saw that the “sand” was actually little tiny rocks. That doesn’t seem to stop everyone else, though! They’re all laying out enjoying the day like I am!

This beach is so beautiful to me because there are giant cliffs (which is where I spent most of my day) that you can climb and enjoy the view! I passed the day enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face, the salty sea breeze blowing my hair everywhere (how did my hair grow so fast?! I’m Rapunzle), and listening to the crashing of the waves. I used my journal to write a sensory entry and wrote about all of my senses here. It felt really nice to just relax and enjoy the day! I took a little siesta on the rocks and had a picnic lunch all before 4! The sun started to move and when I got chilly, I moved to the other side of the cliffs and studied for my midterms (how did those stinkers sneak up so quickly?). It made studying not so horrible.

Overall, the day was beautiful. I feel so lucky to be able to do wonderful, amazing things like this. I wish I could take all my friends and family and bring them to Granada with me and we could all stay and enjoy life FOREVER! But today reminded me that, although I can’t stay forever, I can do things that I enjoy like this whenever I want. I can drive to Cape Cod or Plymouth. I can sit at the shore of good old Hopedale Pond if I want to. Going home isn’t going to be easy, but at least I know now that all I have to do is make enjoying life more of a priority and I can be this happy and this at peace always.

And so, I waved goodbye to a beautiful day at the ocean and I am already searching my schedule for a day when I can come back!





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