Arab Bath Ruins


This is a photo I took of the Arab Bath Ruins in Granada. In the eleventh century of Moorish Granada, the Arabs used these baths as a way to relax, switching from steam to warm, cold, and hot water. This photo is of the ruins of one of the ancient Moorish baths. Only moments ago, I booked an appointment with a functioning present-day arab bath “spa” called
Hammam (Click on the word Hammam to view more). On Friday I will be enjoying the ancient Arab tradition of complete relaxation by being guided through different bath temperatures and steams as well as receiving a massage. Perfect timing after a stressful week of midterms! This location has a special student discount that I decided to take advantage of. How many people can say they bathed in the Arab Baths of Granada? A partir de viernes, I will be one of them! 🙂 Review to come!


One comment

  1. I really wish I were there to join you! sounds like it will be a lot of fun and you are right,…who can say that they have done that!??!!

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